Designer Women Shoes

Overview of Designer Shoes

Designer Women Shoes - Overview of Designer Shoes

Top Tips for Designer Shoes Care

You want to make sure your shoes last a long time, and the only way for that to happen is by taking proper care of them. The following tips should help.

  1. Store the shoes properly by placing them in a box or into a shelving unit, and always use a shoetree.
  2. Do not wear the same pair of designer shoes everyday – sneakers, rubber boots, and similar shoes are fine though.
  3. With expensive leather designer shoes, you want to give them a chance to rest between wearing them.
  4. Repair the shoes as needed and replace the heels as they start to wear down.
  5. Be careful of where you walk with your expensive shoes so you do not soil or damage them.
  6. Keep the shoes away from pets.
  7. Clean and condition the leather and use the right type of high quality cleaners for the various types of materials that make up your shoe collection.

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