Designer Women Shoes

Overview of Designer Shoes

Designer Women Shoes - Overview of Designer Shoes

What Types of Designer Shoes for Women Are Available?

bootsShoes are an important part of life, but one pair of shoes will not get you through everything. You need to have a number of different types of shoes you can use on different occasions.

  • Boots – Boots are a type of shoe that covers the entire foot, including the top of the foot. Boots may or may not have heels, although they could be flat or wedged as well. Boots may have lower tops that only reach the ankles or just above them. They could also go partway or all the way up the calf. Some go even higher. They could be made of some type of leather, suede, or even fabric.
  • Flats – Flats are shoes that do not have heels and that do not lift the foot off the ground in the way that a wedge would. Quite a few different subtypes of shoes fall into this category. Some of those shoes include flat pumps, and some sandals.
  • Heels – Heels are any type of shoe that lifts the foot above the ground with a stem or piece on the heel of the shoe. The shoes come in many different styles and materials, and the height of the heels, and even the width of the actual heel can vary greatly.
  • Slip-ons – These types of shoes are generally low and without laces. One type of this shoe would be a slipper, and another would be the loafer. They come in a variety of styles and are generally good and comfortable for most informal affairs. Dressier shoes are still a good idea in formal settings.
  • Wedges – Wedge shoes are a variation on the heel. They also elevate the foot, but they do so with a solid block of material to create the elevation. There is no gap between the heel, sole, and front of the shoe. It literally has a wedge shape. Another one of the differences is that these types of shoes often lift the entire foot rather than just the heel.